Head Coach

38 years ago, I fell in love with soccer, and I have now played through high school, college, Men’s league, and currently into the over 40 leagues. I started coaching at 17 when I was fortunate to have a coach/mentor who knew I would be a far better coach than a player. My coaching philosophy is simple. I believe in creating a fun, competitive, educational, and positive playing environment where players develop their maximum potential both individually and as a team. I believe in and teach “possession” soccer. My ultimate goal is to create lifelong players of this beautiful game.

26 years, dozens of teams, and hundreds of players later, I now have the privilege of coaching both my kids in the Madison Blaze Soccer Club, including being the Technical Director to the younger teams, and the President of the organization. I have two kids whom I coach; Caleb and Molly, and a very patient and loving wife of 20 years; Sarah.