Head Co

When I was 6, I moved to a new town. My parents signed me up for soccer as a way to make friends. My parents knew nothing about soccer, so when the team needed a coach, my dad volunteered and started learning everything he could to be able to coach. From there, I stayed with the game up through high school, where I was the captain on our state championship team in Mississippi. I stayed in the game in college through intramurals and I volunteered to coach my younger sister’s team. I enjoyed being able to teach kids the game and watch them have fun and grow in the sport. Now, my kids are old enough to play, and I have steered them towards soccer just as my parents did for me. I have had the privilege of coaching my son and his teammates on the 2010 Boys team for the past year and a half. When I was in school, I always felt that maintaining a positive attitude was a way of being a good teammate and, ultimately, led to a better team. I have carried that mindset through into my coaching. I desire kids to learn to work together to “protect the possession” and create opportunities, and I want them to grow to love the game while they are doing it. I encourage, congratulate, and correct kids, as we learn to play this wonderful game.

Along with coaching my son, Asher, I also enjoy watching my two younger daughters, Abby Cate and Chloe as they learn the game. When I’m not coaching, you can find me on a sideline beside Jessica, my wife of 15 years.