ead Coach

I grew up a multisport athlete, including 11 years of soccer (up to the high school level). My love of the game continued through college intramurals, adult rec leagues, and eventually carried over to coaching kids.

I believe soccer is a player's game, not a coach's… meaning the PLAYERS call the plays on the field and on-the-fly. This makes soccer unique when compared to many other team sports. Players need to learn to read the game (at their age level), put themselves into the right position, then execute with whatever skills are required to support the team in that moment.

My coaching philosophy is to create a positive learning environment where players are encouraged to experiment with new skills, work hard, and have fun. I create training sessions that are fun, typically competitive, and challenging for all levels. My emphasis for players (and a significant contributor to playing time) is their attitude, effort, teamwork, and attendance. Ultimately, I want to develop great PEOPLE who love soccer, not just great PLAYERS.