10G Coach

Number of Years Coaching: 8

Age Groups Coached:
Boys and Girls from U6-U14

Tyler Nichols

I am Tyler Nichols, and I am an engineer by trade, involved in my church, married for 13 years to a great wife, and the father to 5 school-aged kids.

As the father of 5 soccer-players, I originally began coaching 8 years ago at our church in Texas to help the volunteer program in which they were playing. After that first year, I went from a reluctant helper to a passionate participant in the coaching role. I have grown to love teaching the game of soccer, and I love developing players who will ultimately grow up to be leaders in society.

With that end goal in mind, I believe soccer is a vehicle by which we can teach the soft-skills of life to our kids: teamwork, discipline, problem-solving, hard work, communication, winning with grace, losing with grace, commitment, etc… These are lessons they do not get in the classroom. Further, as they learn these lessons, they forge friendships and make memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

For those reasons, I try to strike a balance between having fun and being competitive. If we are not having fun, we have missed the point. At the same time, if we don’t care about how we perform, we have also missed the point. I also believe in unselfish, smart, team soccer. When a team plays in concert, working as one on the field, they can accomplish way more than a group of individuals, and it is a beautiful thing to watch.

As a coach, I cannot require excellence of my players and only put forth a pusillanimous effort in my role. Please know, I may not be the best coach in the world, but it will never be because I am not trying or giving my best.