Besides forming new teams, the Blaze is also investing in a more stable practice experience.  All Blaze teams will be practicing on Redstone Arsenal this year.  Redstone’s new procedure for non-base employees to obtain a Recreational Pass makes it easier than ever to enter the base.  The fields don’t flood after regular storms and Blaze has first right of refusal for field use.  This means practices for your team will remain the same day/time each week!

The drive may be a bit further than your drive last season; however, you will be driving against rush hour traffic and the consistent schedule will make family schedule planning much easier.

How To Obtain a Recreational Badge From Redstone Arsenal


Evelyn Coon is the Team Captain of the 2005 girls team and a graduating senior from James Clemens High School in Madison, she has been playing with the Madison Blaze since its creation in 2018.

Interview with Evelyn:

How long have you been playing soccer?  

13 years

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Madison Blaze?

The Blaze is like a second home and my team is an extended part of my family.  Over the years I've been in the club, I've met my best friends along with many mentors.  The Blaze has given me the opportunity to grow both as a player and a person for which I am incredibly grateful for.

What are some of your favorite moments over the years being a part of the Madison Blaze?

My time with the Blaze was full of many wonderful memories but these are my favorites.

Firstly, tournament weekends, being able to spend an entire weekend with my teammates was absolutely amazing.  From swimming to karaoke, we always found a way to make each trip memorable.

Secondly, tryouts, every year we had tryouts it was like a family reunion for our team, all the girls were so happy to be back together and excited about the upcoming season. 

Lastly, being able to finish out my final club season by winning the club's first State Championship!  That really brough everything full circle for me.

I am so thankful for every year that I have been able to spend with the Blaze, the friendships I've made and the treasured memories I will hold dear for the rest of my life.  

What is your favorite position(s) to play on the pitch?
I enjoy playing on the wing, but I will play wherever my team needs me to play.

What is your soccer dream?

I hope to coach my own team one day and make it a home for those players just like the Blaze has done for me.  Being a part of the Blaze, I was given the opportunity to help coach a younger team in the club as well as be a mentor for those girls on that team which made me realize that I really want to do that when I get older.

What are your plans after High School and how will soccer affect those plans

I plan to go to college to earn a degree and possibly attend law school after earning my Bachelors.  I am looking to continue playing soccer at the club or intramural level throughout college.  Once I have the time to invest into coaching, I would like volunteer my time to do so and give back to the game and the community just like all of the coaches that are a part of the Madison Blaze Family!


The Madison Blaze Soccer Club fees are some of the lowest in the area. We minimize the amount of travel required to play to help keep the costs low along with minimizing the impact on families. We work with families in need of financial assistance, up to and including offering scholarships to help offset costs. 

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